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This page provides access to a list of publications of the Parlare italiano participants on the topics of interest for the observatory. The catalogue mainly includes experimental studies on Italian and on spoken language, published from 1990 onwards.


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1 "Pragmaticizzazione" dell’incompletezza sintattica nell’italiano parlato: le ipotetiche sospese
2 'Metaphorical' truth-conditions, context, and discourse
3 'Modal' uses of the Italian Indicativo imperfetto in a pragmatic perspective
4 (In)comprensione e umorismo nel discorso quotidiano
5 A computer-based tutorial on Models of Speech Perception
6 A Context Free Headword Language Model
7 A corpus-based study on syntactic and phonetic prosodic phrasing boundaries in spontaneous Italian speech
8 A divide et impera algorithm for optimal pitch stylization
9 A Method for Automatic Extraction of Fujisaki-Model Parameters
10 A Mixed Approach to Speech Understanding
11 A multi-level functional classification of relative clauses
12 A note on spoken language corpora. Units of analysis and language sampling strategies
13 A Prosodic Parser for an Italian Text-to-Speech System
14 A richer annotation schema for an Italian treebank
15 A simple test for theme and rheme in the clause complex
16 A Syllable Segmentation Algorithm for English and Italian
17 Acoustic and kinematic correlates of phonological length contrast in Italian consonants
18 Agency e interazione: quando l’agency altrui è negata o assunta nella conversazione
19 Aggettivi qualificativi in italiano. Uno studio su corpora di italiano scritto e parlato
20 Aggettivi qualificativi nel parlato italiano, francese, portoghese e spagnolo (corpus C-ORAL-ROM): frequenze e strutture
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